Mutation:Source is an upcoming Singleplayer and Multiplayer game powered by the Source Engine. The story is set in the Half Life 2 post-apocalyptic world: 10 months after the destruction of City 17, the Combine begin developing the mutagen MT-Y to transform the Headcrab zombies into something much more aggressive. They test MT-Y on the zombie populations of Ravenholm and Black Mesa; the results are catastrophic. Common zombies become bulkier and uncontrollably violent. Some grow taller and develop claws while others shrink and become agile. In order to control the rapid spread of the mutagen, the Combine decide to blockade an entire region of land and set up explosives. After an incoming train is flipped by a triggered explosion, three unusual survivors find solace in the inexplicable.

Mutation:Source is currently in its infancy stage with an estimated release date of October 2015.
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